Our Cardboard Rubbish Bins

Basic 3 Pack:
You get 3 sets of bins, which include the bin body, lid and garbage liner! If you don’t want to buy a pack, you can buy the lid and body separately.

RBK Brown RBK white

You can buy just the Bin Body on it’s own and/or purchase your preferred lid set – Flap Lid or Funnel Top Lid. See below.

Flap Lid Set

K1000-8102open K1000-8002

Funnel Lid Set

K1000-8103 K1000-8003

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Why you should buy our rubbish bins:
• Eco-friendly
• Made of 100% recycled cardboard
• Can be reused or recycled
• Water resistant
• Has a capacity of 54LT
• Fits a standard garbage bin liner
• Flat packable
• Easy to transport
• Easy to set up (No tape needed!)
• Comes in brown or white
(please contact us for custom printing or size)
• 2 different lid styles or just buy the body on it’s own
• Made in Australia in our Heidelberg West factory!

Size: 680mm high, 300mm X 300mm wide

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You can purchase multiple bins and place them in convenient locations at
your event for your guests! Litterbugs will have no excuse not to throw away
their rubbish leaving you with a quick and easy clean up after that special

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Want custom printing on the bins? Or a different design? We can do that too!
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no obligation quote!
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